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Wright Equipment V3 Kettlebells

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Wright Equipment

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Kettlebells are one of the most diverse exercise instruments in all of fitness because they are perfect for cultivating strength, stability, and can be used anywhere. Kettlebells are a great asset to any workout regimen and no fitness equipment arsenal should be without them! Rust resistant e-coating for a strong yet comfortable grip and holding chalk Made from durable cast iron molded with a single pour resulting in the handle and body to be formed in a single seamless finished product Each kettlebell is labeled in both pounds and kilograms Flat seamless bottom Color coded handles for easy identification
  • Brand: Wright Equipment
  • Use: Conditioning
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Coating: E-Coating
  • Identification: Color Stripe Handle
  • KG & LB: Yes
  • Production Process: Single Cast
  • Guarantee/ Warranty: 2 Year
  • Made in the USA: No
Weight & Color
  • 4kg/9lb-White
  • 6kg/13lb-Purple
  • 8kg/18lb-Gray
  • 12kg/26lb-Blue
  • 16kg/ 35lb-Yellow
  • 20kg/44lb-Red
  • 24kg/53lb-Green
  • 28kg/62 lb-Light Blue
  • 32kg/70lb-Orange
  • 36kg/80lb-Pink
  • 44kg-96lb-Grey
  • 48kg/106lb-Silver

Handle Diameter
  •  4kg/9lb-1in
  • 8kg/18lb-1.25in
  • 12kg/18lb-1.25in
  • 16kg/26lb-1.25in
  • 20kg/44lb-1.5in
  • 24kg thru 48kg-1.25in

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