Fitness Equipment Installation Lake Saint Louis MO

Setting Up Your Own Home Gym: What You Should Know

Do you enjoy working out but hate the thought of traveling to the gym? It can be tedious to drive, change, and carve out time from your day to get your workout in. Rather than forcing yourself to find a balance and a gym that works for your needs, why not consider setting up your own? Learn about fitness equipment installation Lake Saint Louis MO and discover what type of equipment would be best for your unique needs. Setting up a home gym might be just the solution you are looking for when it comes to getting your daily workout in. 

What Should You Know Before Setting Up a Home Gym?

There are several questions to ask yourself before you begin the process of setting up a home gym. Think about factors such as:

  • Your budget
  • How much space do you have
  • What type of equipment do you want to get
  • Your overall goals when creating a home gym

Maybe you only need a few pieces of equipment, or perhaps you have dreams of replicating fitness centers that you've been to before. Either way, it helps to know what your limitations are before getting started. Planning can help you make the best use of your money while giving you new ideas on how to set up your gym. 

Researching Delivery and Installation

Once you know what type of gym you'd like to have, it's time to start picking out equipment. As you are researching different machines, make sure you understand any policies related to delivery and installation. Chances are you don't want to pick up the gym equipment yourself. That can be challenging at best, not to mention difficult to lift and move into your home. You'd likely need manpower in the form of friends or someone else willing to help. 

Installing the equipment is another area to think about. Often a lot of gym equipment requires assembly. It can be difficult to manage if there are several pieces you need to put together, or if the machine is very big. Take time to read or find out if delivery is included and what your options are for the installation of your machines.

Will The Company Do the Installation?

Some companies will provide assembly services, either as part of their policy or for an additional fee. Find out if the fitness equipment business you plan on purchasing from offers this service. Seeking out a company that provides assembly and installation has many benefits such as:

  • You don't have to worry about putting something together incorrectly
  • Technicians perform equipment assembly and installations with your safety in mind
  • Installation usually takes less time when an experienced professional does it
  • Depending on the policy, you don't have to pay extra to get the equipment installed

When in doubt, it pays to talk to a representative at the company and find out if they will handle the installation and if so, under what circumstances. You might have to order a certain dollar amount to get the services you want. Depending on your needs, this might be worth the extra investment. 

How Much Extra Does Installation Cost?

Assembly services and installation can vary by company, so it's crucial to talk to a representative and ask about what their policies are. You might have the installation done for free, depending on how many pieces of equipment you ordered or if the company includes this as a courtesy for their customers.

Installation could be anywhere from totally free to hundreds of dollars or more. Finding out what to expect before you place an order can help save you time and worry. 

What Are the Best Gym Equipment Pieces To Own?

When it comes to deciding what pieces you should get for your home gym, it truly comes down to a matter of preference. You can pick anything from exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and ellipticals, or even weight machines. These are some of the most common pieces most folks own when trying to start up their own home gym. 

Before committing to buy a specific piece of equipment, make sure it is something you want and already use often. If possible, visit a nearby gym and try it out to be sure you like it. If you can use the same model you are purchasing, that makes it even better, since it can prepare you for what to expect.

Make sure to read reviews on the item you are interested in buying. Doing so can help you discover if there are problems other users have found, or if the equipment is lacking in anything. Double-checking equipment this way ensures you avoid buyer's remorse and are happy with your purchase once it is installed. 

Choosing the Right Items to Meet Your Needs

Once you have narrowed down what type of equipment you think you might like, it's time to focus on your fitness goals. Are there certain areas of your body you would like to tone and target? Use this as a guide to help you make a final decision.

If you have problems with your knees and want to avoid further straining your joints, an elliptical that focuses on a running motion while moving back and forth might be too much. Consider a treadmill, which allows you to walk at a brisk pace, and you can easily adjust the speed if necessary. 

You might find that it is difficult to afford a lot of equipment right away, and you need to build your home gym slowly. If that is the case, pick one item that can help you tone while increasing your heart rate to ensure a good calorie burn. Maybe you enjoy biking but the weather is getting colder, and that's just not possible. Getting an exercise bike can provide you with the same type of enjoyment while allowing you to work out from the comfort of your home.

Don't forget to think about what you like doing when it comes to working out. It's better to pick equipment that you will return over and over to rather than purchasing something you'll only use once or twice. 

Picking Items That Are Versatile 

You don't need to buy exercise equipment for each part of your body. A treadmill can help you with overall body weight and burning calories since it focuses on increasing your heart rate while giving your legs a good workout. The same goes for ellipticals that can provide toning for legs and arms while helping you burn calories at the same time. 

Choosing one piece of fitness equipment that can target multiple areas is ideal for many situations. You don't have to worry about the delivery and installation of several pieces, and you can build your home gym slowly. Ensuring you are only adding quality items allows you to save money.

Make sure the equipment has the intensity levels you need. While you might need to start off slow in the beginning, depending on your fitness goals, you'll likely need to increase over time. It makes sense to invest in equipment that can take you from start to finish on your fitness journey without the need to get rid of it and upgrade yet again at a later point and time. 

Finding the Right Combination to Give You a Varied Workout

Maybe you want to choose at least two machines to get your home gym started. Consider choosing treadmills and ellipticals or a rowing machine and a stair machine. That way you can target two different areas of your body while giving yourself options in case you are tired of using one of the machines. 

Consider purchasing and having different fitness machines that make it possible for one part of your body to take a day off when necessary. Think about what you enjoy seeing when you go to your local gym. Maybe you like to focus on only a few pieces of equipment, or only use the gym a few days a week, and either go jogging or pick another type of activity that is more aerobic in nature. The important thing is that you find machines that will synch up with your daily life and desired activity level. 

How You Can Start Building Your Own Home Gym Today 

If you are still committed to building your own home gym, know that there are options when it comes to finding fitness equipment assemblers who can help you. Many companies provide fitness equipment installation service from start to finish, allowing for a smooth setup. Shop around and find the pieces of equipment you are looking for to meet your needs and lifestyle. Even if you have to start out small and only purchase one item, this can give you the push you need toward getting your gym set up. 

When you are ready to get started, contact us today, and find out how we can help. Show me Weights offers a variety of products, including pre-owned items. We can help you get started with the home gym of your dreams today. 


How To Move Fitness Equipment

Home gym equipment can be a great way to stay on top of your fitness goals without having to go to the gym every day. However, the weight, size and shape of the equipment can make fitness equipment moving Lake Saint Louis MO a real challenge.

13 Fitness Equipment Moving Lake Saint Louis MO Tips

These tips will help you safely and efficiently move your gym equipment.

1. Clean and Sanitize Your Equipment 

Bacteria thrive in warm, moist conditions. The heat and sweat in your home gym can create the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply. To avoid spreading germs to your other possessions and then carrying them into your new home, clean and sanitize your gear before you start moving it.

You can clean your yoga mats and accessories with an all-purpose cleaner or a product specifically intended for cleaning yoga gear. Use wet wipes or a spray bottle filled with a mixture of one part water and one part white vinegar to clean your stationary bikes, treadmill and other workout machines. Pay special attention to the handles, handrails and other surfaces that come in direct contact with the body.

2. Pack Light Items First

Pack light items, such as yoga mats and gym towels, first. Save space by rolling yoga mats and securing them with a carrying bag or strap before you pack them.

3. Use Sturdy Boxes or Plastic Bins To Move Weights

Weight plates and hand weights can be particularly challenging to move because the weight can easily destroy the bottom of a standard moving box. If your moving boxes aren't sturdy enough to handle the weight, pack your weights in plastic storage bins instead.

Wrap your weights in newspaper or bubble wrap to protect them during the move. Don't overload your boxes. It is better to pack multiple small boxes than to try to move one extremely heavy box.

4. Take Your Elliptical Apart

Most elliptical machines don't fold up and the awkward shape of the equipment can make it difficult to fit through doorways and halls. It is generally easier and safer to take the machine apart before moving it and put it back together at your new location.

Start by removing the handlebars and pedals. Put all the bolts and nuts in a plastic bag and then tape the bag to the machine so you don't lose them. Once you have the removable parts off, the body of the machine should be light enough to move with the help of one additional person.

5. Remove the Weights From Your Weightlifting Machines

Weightlifting machines are often the largest and heaviest pieces of equipment in a home gym. Trying to move a fully assembled machine with all the weight plates on it is not a good idea.

Start by removing all of the weight plates and packing them per the above instructions. Take the machine apart, referring to your instruction manual if you need to. If you can't find the manual, look for it on the manufacturer's website or write down your disassembly process and take photos of each step.

Use bungee cords, packing tape, zip ties or rope to secure any moving parts. Wrap anything that isn't going into a box with bedding, blankets or towels to keep it from getting scratched or scratching your other possessions, walls or floors.

6. Make a Plan for Moving Your Treadmill

Even though many treadmills fold up, moving them can be a chore because of their sheer size and weight. Before you try to move yours, make a plan. If your treadmill weighs over 50 pounds, then you need at least one other person to help with the lifting.

If it weighs over 100, you also need a furniture dolly. If the deck folds up, but you don't know how to lock it in place, check the user manual. Once you have it set up at your new place, test it at a low speed to make sure it is working properly.

7. Protect Your Floors

Some equipment, such as most stationary bikes, can be moved relatively easily by rolling or sliding it across the floor. However, even items that have wheels can seriously damage your flooring. Place pieces of cardboard, furniture sliders or towels under your gear to prevent scratches.

8. Cushion Surfaces

Collisions between your workout machines and people or objects can cause injuries or property damage. Once you have your equipment ready to move, cover as much of the exterior as you can with moving blankets, bubble wrap, foam, rolled clothing or towels. Consider adding some padding to exposed corners and narrow entryways as well.

9. Roll Instead of Carry

Put large pieces of equipment on a furniture dolly instead of trying to carry them. This won't completely eliminate the need to lift your machines, but it can make moving them a lot easier. Use a ramp so that you can push the dolly into your truck instead of picking it up.

Be careful when moving large or heavy items downstairs. It may be safer to place one or more blankets under your equipment and carefully slide it down the stairs, rather than trying to roll it on a dolly or carry it.

10. Secure Your Load

Exercise equipment that is not securely tied down in a vehicle can slide around causing damage. Use rope, bungee cords or straps to secure your machine once it is in your vehicle. This is particularly important if you are moving your gear in a pickup truck with an open bed. You don't want anything falling out and hitting another car or creating an obstacle in the road. Use pillows or extra boxes to fill space around your equipment so that if your tie-downs come loose, you have a backup to prevent anything from sliding.

11. Park Your Vehicle Close By

No matter what method you are using to move your equipment, reducing the distance you need to cover makes the job easier. Park your vehicle as close to your home as you can get it. If you plan to put your gear in a self-storage unit, choose one with drive-up access.

12. Prepare Your Space

Before you start moving your fitness gear, go to the location you are moving it to and plan the route you will take to get the items from the entrance to wherever you plan to keep them. Remove any objects along the path that could trip someone up or get in the way of the movers.

Make sure there is enough space to place your equipment and still have room for putting it back together. Plan out how you want your home gym set up before you move your stuff in to avoid having to rearrange the room.

13. Don't Try To Do It Yourself

No matter how strong you are, attempting to move large, heavy equipment without help is a good way to hurt yourself or damage your equipment. Recruit at least one helper. You may need two or more people to assist with particularly heavy or awkward items. If your friends and family aren't available, consider hiring professional movers instead.

Benefits of Using Professional Movers

With proper planning and some lifting help, it is certainly possible to move your fitness equipment yourself. However, mistakes can easily lead to property damage or injuries. Hiring professional fitness equipment movers has several benefits.

Makes Your Move Easier

Moving all your stuff from one place to another is a big task. Because moving fitness equipment requires substantial planning and physical effort, handing the job over to professionals can make your overall moving experience significantly less stressful and physically taxing.

Provides Flexibility

Many professional movers offer storage services. This provides you with the option to have the moving company get all your gear out of your way and hold on to it until you are ready to set up your home gym at your new place. This eliminates the need to have a bunch of equipment cluttering up your space before you have prepared the room and figured out where you want to put everything.

Better for Challenging Moves

If you need to move your equipment up or downstairs, around corners or through narrow hallways or doors, you can easily end up damaging your home or gear. Attempting to navigate a difficult moving challenge can also cause frustration and fatigue that could lead to an accident or injury. Professional movers have the tools and experience to overcome these challenges safely and without causing property damage.

Saves Time

Disassembling, packing, loading, unloading and then reassembling exercise equipment can take an enormous amount of time. Handing off this task to professionals could significantly shorten your move.

Perfect Your New Gym Space

If your new gym is looking a bit too cluttered or you are ready to add some new equipment, contact the team at Show Me Weights. Our selection of strength and cardio equipment, storage solutions, apparel and flooring can help you take your home gym to the next level.



Everything You Should Know for Fitness Equipment Installation in Lake Saint Louis MO

Maintaining physical fitness and supporting others in their health journeys are lofty goals. However, you can sabotage your efforts if you're not using the right equipment or your gear is not set up correctly. For these reasons, you should rely on the best fitness equipment installation in Lake Saint Louis, MO.

A poorly designed gym can bring lackluster results or, even worse, dangerous conditions. Consider the type of equipment you need for a home exercise room or commercial fitness center and how to make the area practical and safe by hiring a professional installation service.

What Equipment Do You Need?

The exercise equipment you acquire should be designed for the types of training that you or your patrons need most. You must also purchase accessories to maintain your gym equipment. Review the following categories.

Strength and Conditioning

Dumbbells and barbells are staples of strength training, but search for innovative pieces of equipment that add variety to your routines and target essential areas of the body.

  • Resistance bands are a perfect low-impact option to avoid joint damage.
  • The ViPR enhances mobility, dynamic strength, and stability for a whole-body workout that can imitate sport-based and real-life movement.
  • Stability balls and BOSU ("both sides utilized") balance trainers are additional options that use your body weight to strengthen core muscles and improve spine stability.
  • Battle ropes are a cheat-free way to pump the forearms and enhance grip strength.
  • Sandbags boost your functional fitness by adding shifting weight to exercises like carries, lunges, and squats.

Check with your health care team to find what inventive implements you can employ in your fitness routine. Keep an eye out for other ways to add spice to your program with items like sled harnesses, weighted vests, and slam balls.


Cardio brings benefits like increased lung capacity, higher muscle density, lower stress, and decreased risk of various diseases. A quality fitness machine lets you push your limits without wandering outside when it's inconvenient, and you can track your calorie burn and progress with monitoring features.

Treadmills, stationary bikes, and stair climbers are the standard workhorses of most gyms, but a curved treadmill can aid your bones with reduced impact. Recumbent exercise bikes offer greater comfort, easier balance, and less strain on joints. Rowing machines are still some of the best low-impact, full-body workouts that target all main muscle groups. Elliptical machines allow for rehab with low-stress resistance.

Rigs, Racks, and Storage

Pulling and pushing movements are crucial to a complete strength program. Add rigs and racks for presses, squats, pull-ups, chin-ups, and other muscle-building workouts. Folding racks can conserve space but must be mounted properly.

Get full use out of your weights and training gear by investing in appropriate storage pieces. You also avoid needless accidents and liabilities when equipment is put away and not tossed about carelessly.


Absorb the shock of an intense set with rubber mats designed for your workout space. Rubber mats are generally preferable to carpets and rugs, which stain easily and wear out quickly. Vinyl floors are durable but lack shock absorption, are noisier, and are harder on your joints.

Convenient Fitness Equipment Installation in Lake Saint Louis, MO

Major online retailers and big box stores may offer tempting deals and warranties, but you probably won't have access to an experienced local team of fitness equipment assemblers. Equipment assembly and testing may be questionable, especially if the piece comes from an unknown overseas brand.

The pros at Show Me Weights can guide you through the purchasing process from start to finish, ensuring you buy appropriate equipment that fits your space and allows you to achieve your fitness goals. Installation is a breeze, and product protection and warranties give you peace of mind.

Home Gym Ideas

Advantages of a Home Gym

A dedicated spot in the home for exercising ensures you prioritize your well-being. You can easily toss random weights and gear in a closet to be forgotten. A designed personal gym turns your fitness routine into a lifestyle decision.

You may still get a higher-intensity workout at the gym and enjoy time with your partners, but consider installing a home gym for these reasons:

  • Availability 
  • Greater privacy
  • No travel time or expenses
  • Less intimidation

A home fitness setup can even save you money over time since you won't need commercial facilities as often, if at all.

Fitness Goals

Determine a balanced array of equipment with guidance from your health professional and trainer. If your focus is losing weight, you probably need more cardio equipment. Focus on weights and strength training tools if you want to tone up or build more muscle.


Determine how much you can afford to spend. Thankfully, Show Me Weights, the premier provider of fitness equipment installation in Lake Saint Louis, MO, offers a large selection of pre-owned products and deals for equipment on clearance. Flexible financing options put quality training gear within reach, so you don't have to settle for shoddy materials.

Maintenance, Safety, and Layout

Free weights are less expensive and provide a simple and affordable workout. However, exercises such as bench presses and squats can be dangerous and should not be done without a spotter. Weight machines allow you to perform the same activities alone without compromising your safety.

Consider the room layout. An awkward design makes workouts a chore instead of an inspiration. Professional installers can suggest a setup that eliminates potential hazards and keeps your gear well-maintained. Pro installation can also factor in weight restrictions, such as if you live in a manufactured home.

Protect your floors and body by laying down rubber flooring before equipment installation. A large mirror lets you monitor your movements and admire your progress. A TV or good sound system enables you to follow your favorite routines and stay motivated with upbeat tunes. Sufficient lighting also keeps you safe with proper visibility and energizes you.

Commercial or Community Gym Considerations

Fitness centers are outstanding amenities for schools, community centers, offices, and hotels. You can't just toss some equipment in a room to satisfy visitors. An inviting health facility requires forethought and planning.

Discuss the Process 

When you're making decisions on the correct purchases, talk with the groups that will be using the exercise area. For example, a school gym needs extensive gear to train for various sports that require isolating different core strengths. Administrators should trust the direction of athletic departments for what facilities are needed and solicit feedback from student groups.

A fire department needs to consider strength training and provide cardio equipment for endurance and heart health. A professionally run wellness program can alert leadership to what best helps the crew.

Religious facilities or a corporate office gym likely rely more on cardio pieces and lower impact strength equipment. Speak with members or employees for input on the appropriate equipment.

Keep open communication about the scheduled installation and how the work affects facility availability. Share progress with other departments of your organization, management of a space you're renting, or tenants of a property you own to avert misunderstandings.

Assess Your Space

Calculate the specific footprint of your workout area. Don't try to cram too much equipment into a space since it detracts from the appearance of your gym and makes movement difficult and possibly unsafe.

Install Flooring Before Equipment Setup

Plan the design of your fitness center carefully. Flooring installation should be finished before equipment is placed. You don't want to move heavy machinery and weights multiple times because you've created obstacles to other work in the facility. You could also void the warranty when trying to complete the setup on your own.

Plan for Proper Lighting, HVAC, and Power Supply

Lighting, electrical, HVAC work, and other renovations should be completed before you install fitness gear. Pay attention to the location of data and electrical outlets and ensure connections are available for pieces requiring power and connectivity. Installation technicians position and test equipment to ensure all components are in optimal working condition, protecting your warranty. If any parts are deficient, the install team saves time by quickly resolving the issue.

Plan for Unobstructed Access

The delivery and installation crew requires clear entry and exit throughout the facility during setup. Ensure no debris or safety hazards slow down the work. Other vendors or maintenance teams should be clear of the area.

Schedule a Facility Cleaning and Sanitization

Installers will not leave you a mess, but their primary job is to situate everything safely and conveniently. Plan a complete cleaning and disinfection of the facility before opening so patrons enjoy their first experience.

Create a Maintenance Plan

Quality equipment isn't cheap, and you deserve to get your money's worth. Read manuals and ask questions about proper maintenance from your supplier and installers. You may be able to trade in well-kept machines and equipment when you're ready to upgrade to newer and better workout gear.

Whether for home or business, setting up a gym is worth the time and energy. Create a knockout plan and install the workout center of your dreams by calling Show Me Weights in Lake Saint Louis, MO. The team will set you up with a safe and ideal fitness equipment installation.


Fitness Equipment Installation in Lake St. Louis, MO

As a gym owner, you must focus on operational management, not installing new equipment or moving used merchandise from an old facility to your current location. It's not that the work is beneath you; it is that being a business owner is time-consuming, and you cannot possibly set aside enough time in the day to install all the equipment you need to ensure clients are happy. Unfortunately, because of the number of installers, finding a service for fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO, is challenging.

5 Steps for Finding Service for Fitness Equipment Installation in Lake St. Louis, MO

Whether establishing or moving a fitness center, professional equipment installation is crucial. If you fail to install the equipment correctly and one of your clients gets injured, you are liable, which can jeopardize your business. Also, improper installation can damage equipment, and with how much you invest in exercise equipment, you need it to stand up to use.

A fitness equipment installer can ensure that all equipment is ready for opening day. They have experience with the delivery and installation of specific brands, and for some installers, fitness equipment assembly becomes second nature, meaning they can put a piece of gym equipment together faster than most people.

Before you hire fitness equipment installation services, you need to narrow down the many professionals in the St. Louis area. You can follow a five-step plan to narrow your selection of services for fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO.

1. Create a Top 10 List

A common mistake new gym owners make is selecting the first service that pops up in Google search results. You never want to choose the first installation and assembly service. What you want to do is select a list of possible commercial fitness installers.

Many owners will select three gym installation services and select the one that offers a fair price. Three options are not enough. It would be best if you looking for a minimum of 10 services. By finding 10 possible options, you have more room to research and eventually negotiate.

Having a list of 10 fitness equipment installation services means you can get a broader idea of the prices in the industry. Many times, getting estimates or rough prices can help you eliminate a few services immediately. The main thing is to make your list so you can move on to step two.

2. Check Out Reviews

Once you have a list of services for fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO, you can start looking for reviews. While most companies will include reviews on their websites, you want to look elsewhere for nonbiased testimonials.

When reading through the reviews for each service, you want to pay attention to the top ratings and the worst. When reading the worst reviews, try to determine what the reviewer is upset about. For example, is the reviewer angry about something the company couldn't help, or are they upset about something the service is directly responsible for, like damaging a machine?

Customer reviews will also paint a picture of the customer service experience. You want to work with companies that treat clients respectfully and fairly. If you read review after review about negative customer service experiences, it is best to eliminate the service from your list of potential installers.

3. Consult Other Gym Owners

While direct competition might not be too helpful, you can talk to industry professionals in the area to learn about the best services for Fitness Equipment Installation in Lake St. Louis, Mo. Many gym owners or fitness centers are more than willing to recommend services.

If you don't know who to talk to in the real world, consider connecting with gym owners on social media sites and forums. Many experienced owners are happy to help newcomers.

Also, if you have friends or family members who own or work in gyms, you could ask them what services their company uses. Family referrals are often the best because they know you and what you expect from relationships, giving them unique insight. Also, you know them and likely trust their opinion.

4. Schedule In-Person Meetings

Once you make your list, cut out the services that are too expensive or those that provide lowball offers, and talk to your family and friends, you likely have a top three or five choices. You want to schedule in-person meetings to narrow those services down to one company for fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO.

An in-person meeting allows you to experience a company's customer service firsthand. It would be best if you looked for a company willing to answer all your questions and take the time to speak with you. Many businesses are only interested in a quick buck and don't want to feel like they need to interview for the contract, but you know better.

5. Review Business Documents

Regardless of how simple an installation job may seem, you always need to verify that your chosen service has all the appropriate business documents. A service for fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO, should have insurance and a valid business license.

While the business documents protect the service, they also protect you and your gym. If you hire an unlicensed and uninsured installer to work in your facility, you are liable for any injuries or damages that occur during the installation process. Also, if a client gets hurt because a piece of equipment wasn't put together correctly, you are liable for those injuries.

An insured company protects you against unwarranted liability issues. You will want to talk to an attorney about your liability as a business owner. Still, as long as an installer is licensed and insured, you do receive some protection without worrying about your premiums.

Asking About the Types of Equipment the Services Install

It's important to acknowledge that not all services for fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO, will install all pieces of equipment. For example, some services might specialize in cardio equipment, like elliptical machines, exercise bikes, or treadmills. Other companies may only deal with specialized or unique equipment; for instance, maybe an installer only installs a specific type of rowing machine.

You want to find a service capable of handling all your installation needs. Every service you interview can give you a list of equipment, fitness machines, or home gyms they install. You are often better off selecting an installer that specializes in various equipment installations, like Show Me Weights.

Understanding If the Service Can Transfer Equipment From One Location To Another

Some services for fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO, can also help you transfer equipment from one location to another. A company like Show Me Weights is happy to help with all your installation needs.

Using such services is beneficial because the companies typically have trucks that allow for the transportation of multiple pieces of equipment at once. Also, the services likely have an organizational system for managing the various parts and pieces of equipment.

Sometimes, companies you purchase equipment from also provide delivery and installation services. Those services can also include transporting the equipment to another location after installation. Depending on the costs, it can be worth it to work with the original seller.

Learn About Assembly and Disassembly Services

Sometimes, you may find a service for fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO, you like, only to find out they do not offer assembly and disassembly services. Before selecting an installation company from your original list of 10, think about how likely it is that you will need to move gym equipment in the future. If it is likely, you should find a service that offers installation, assembly, and disassembly services, like Show Me Weights.

Ensuring the Service Can Install Brands Used in Your Facility

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is work with the company you purchase your gym equipment from, if they offer installation services. When a retailer sells and installs, they likely install all the brands they sell. When you work with an independent service for fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO, you need to ensure they install the brands you want in your facility.

Show Me Weights is a one-stop shop for fitness machines and installation services. The company also carries many of the most popular equipment brands on the market, including:

  • Body-Solid
  • Nautilus
  • Star Trac
  • StairMaster
  • Atlantis

Acknowledging the Reputation and Professionalism of Show Me Weights

If you are looking for a one-stop service for fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO, look no further than Show Me Weights. The company is popular among regional gym owners and fitness center operators. Also, the company has an excellent inventory of affordable equipment to ensure your gym starts out on the right foot. After you make your top 10 list of installers, you will realize that Show Me Weights is the real deal. Contact a representative and discuss your installation and equipment needs.

Show Me Weights: Fitness Equipment Installation Experts in Lake St. Louis, MO

At Show Me Weights, we specialize in fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO. Our team of experts offers an array of services including fitness equipment assembly, delivery, and installation.


Fitness Equipment Assembly and Installation

Assembling and installing exercise machinery can be a tough undertaking. The process calls for a high level of technical competence and precision, especially when it comes to fitness equipments like ellipticals and rowing machines. At Show Me Weights, we have a team of qualified professionals that are able to manage the assembly and installation of any and all varieties of exercise equipment.


Expertise in Assembling and Putting Together Elliptical Machines

Any workout routine would benefit greatly from the addition of an elliptical machine. However, both the assembly and the installation of them can be difficult. These machines are no match for the skill of our team of professionals, who can handle them with ease and ensure that they are installed properly for maximum efficiency.


A Seamless Experience

Rowing machines, despite the full workout that they provide, can be cumbersome and difficult to put together. Rowing machines may be installed quickly and effectively by the knowledgeable staff at Show Me Weights, making the process worry-free for customers like you.


Comprehensive Gym Equipment Assembly Service

Setting up fitness equipment calls for a particular set of skills, regardless of whether it's in a professional gym or a home gym. Our all-inclusive service for the assembly of gym equipment caters to all of your installation requirements and ensures that your apparatus is ready to be used.


Exercise Bikes: Ready to Roll with Precision Assembly

The exercise bike is a fundamental piece of any fitness center. The staff here at Show Me Weights is highly competent in the assembly and installation of exercise bikes, which guarantees a ride that is both smooth and risk-free every time.


Fitness Equipment Installation Services for All Exercise Equipment

We offer installation services for any form of fitness equipment, including treadmills, weight racks, and other types of exercise machines, such as fitness machines. Our staff checks that each piece of apparatus is put together appropriately and securely before moving on to the next.


Providing Services to Commercial Fitness Centers

When it comes to the installation of training equipment, commercial gyms need an experienced hand. Our crew has the experience necessary to handle commercial fitness installation projects of any size, from a single equipment to an entire gym setting.


Personalized Home Gym Setup and Installation Services

Workouts can be done in the comfort of one's own home thanks to the availability of home gyms. However, setting up exercise equipment in a home gym can be difficult. Show Me Weights provides individualized installation services for home gyms, ensuring that your exercise area is arranged in a manner that is agreeable to you.


Why Should You Go With Show Me Weights for Your Fitness Equipment Installation Needs?

Extensive Experience

Our staff has a wealth of experience in operating a wide array of workout apparatuses. We are able to assemble and install any variety of fitness equipment, including machines seen at gyms as well as home training equipment.


A Skilled and Experienced Assembling Service

Because we offer a professional assembly service, you can rest assured that your exercise gear will be put together in the most efficient and risk-free manner. In order to guarantee the efficiency and durability of your workout equipment, we adhere to a comprehensive set of rules.


Delivery and Installation

We provide an all-inclusive service, which includes delivering and setting up your exercise equipment in your home. We take care of everything, from the delivery to the installation, so that you don't have to worry about a thing when you use our service.


Affordable and Efficient Solutions

At Show Me Weights, we think that it is our responsibility to provide great services at reasonable pricing. Our services for the installation of workout equipment are developed to provide you with the most bang for your buck possible.

Fitness equipment installation demands professional competence. In Lake St. Louis, Missouri, Show Me Weights provides installation services that are dependable and effective. You can rely on us to provide first-rate assembly and installation services for your home gym or commercial fitness center when you set up your facility.


Installation Quality Control Procedures for Exercise Equipment

Show Me Weights is committed to providing services for the installation of fitness equipment that are of the highest possible quality. We ensure that each piece of equipment is assembled correctly and installed securely, so ensuring the highest possible level of performance and safety.


Professional Installation for Fitness Centers

Installing fitness equipment at a health club needs to be done by a trained professional to ensure that it is done right and is safe for users. Our team has extensive expertise managing large-scale installations for fitness centers, which guarantees a streamlined and effective set up process.

Installation Services for Gyms: An All-Encompassing Approach

Our installation services for gyms encompass all facets of the establishment of a fitness facility, from free weights to machines. From the initial assembly to the precise positioning, we follow a method that is all-encompassing and makes certain that every detail is attended to.


Assembly of Exercise Equipment Requiring Exactness and Skill

The assembly of fitness machines is a precise process because the devices themselves are sophisticated pieces of technology. Our staff is experienced in working with a wide variety of exercise machines, and we can guarantee that they will be appropriately installed and ready for use.

Installation Tailored to Fit the Available Space

Our installation services can be adapted to meet the requirements of a large commercial gym or a small home workout area, depending on the specifics of each client's situation and the available space. We take care to install your equipment in a manner that makes the most efficient use of the available space and improves its functionality.


Observing Both Functionality and Safety Precautions

When it comes to the installation of fitness equipment, the two most important considerations are usefulness and safety. You will have peace of mind knowing that our staff will install all of the equipment in a secure manner and make sure it works as it was designed to.


Why Should You Put Your Trust in Show Me Weights to Install Your Fitness Equipment?

Both Expertise and Experience are Required.

We are familiar with the subtleties of the many different kinds of fitness equipment because we have years of experience and knowledge in the fitness business. Because of our expertise and experience, we can guarantee a dependable and effective installation service.

Commitment to the Complete Contentment of Our Clients

At Show Me Weights, providing excellent service to our clients is our number one concern. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding service and ensuring that the installation meets all of your expectations.

Service that is prompt as well as effective

When it comes to preparing a space for exercise or a gym, we are aware of the significance of time. Our crew puts in hard work to ensure that the installation of your exercise equipment is finished within the time period that was originally agreed upon.

The installation of fitness equipment is a job that is best left to the pros. In Lake St. Louis, Missouri, the installation services provided by Show Me Weights are unparalleled in their levels of professionalism, effectiveness, and dependability. You can rely on us to provide installation services of the highest quality that are tailored to your specific requirements and go beyond what you anticipate achieving. Our expertise extends to both commercial and residential fitness facilities.


Maximize Your Fitness Journey with Professional Fitness Equipment Installation in Lake St. Louis MO

Show Me Weights is your one-stop destination for premier fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis MO. Whether it's a home gym or a commercial fitness center, we understand that correctly assembled and installed equipment is vital for a safe and effective workout.


Comprehensive Fitness Equipment Assembly and Installation Services

Our assembly and installation services cater to a wide range of fitness machines, including elliptical machines, rowing machines, exercise bikes, and even comprehensive home gyms. We ensure each piece of equipment is correctly installed for optimal performance, reducing the risk of malfunctions and extending the equipment's lifespan.


Hassle-Free Delivery and Installation

With Show Me Weights, fitness equipment installation has never been more convenient. We deliver your equipment right to your doorstep, saving you the trouble of transport. Our experts then handle the assembly and installation, ensuring your equipment is ready for use quickly and correctly.


Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

Our experienced team of assembly professionals has the expertise to handle all types of gym equipment, from the simplest exercise bikes to the most complex fitness centers. Trust us to deliver a seamless installation experience that lets you focus on what truly matters - your fitness journey.


Your Fitness, Our Priority

At Show Me Weights, your fitness is our top priority. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of fitness equipment installation services to meet every need. We're committed to helping Lake St. Louis residents maximize their workout experiences with expertly assembled and installed fitness equipment. Don’t compromise on your fitness journey; choose Show Me Weights for your fitness equipment installation needs.

For more information about our fitness equipment assembly and delivery services, feel free to contact us. Let Show Me Weights make your fitness journey safe, efficient, and seamless with our professional assembly and installation services.


Why Proper Fitness Equipment Installation is Essential

Proper fitness equipment installation is not just about convenience. It plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and effectiveness during workouts. Incorrectly installed gym equipment can lead to potential hazards, causing injuries. Also, when fitness machines are not assembled as per the manufacturer's guidelines, their performance can be compromised, resulting in inefficient workouts and premature wear and tear.


Commercial Fitness Centers - Get it Right the First Time

For commercial fitness centers, correct equipment installation is doubly important. Your members expect a seamless workout experience with equipment that is safe, reliable, and easy to use. Mistakes in installation can not only lead to costly repairs but also negatively impact your brand's reputation. Our expert assembly team at Show Me Weights offers a meticulous installation process that prioritizes safety and functionality, ensuring your fitness center provides the top-quality experience your members expect.


Custom Installation for Home Gyms

When it comes to home gyms, space utilization and equipment positioning play a crucial role. Show Me Weights' installation services extend beyond just assembly. We also offer expert advice on positioning your equipment to maximize your workout space and ensure comfortable movement during workouts.


Experience across Fitness Equipment Types

Our team has extensive experience installing a wide variety of fitness machines. From elliptical machines and exercise bikes for your cardio needs to weight machines for strength training, we can handle it all. We also specialize in installing complex fitness centers, carefully assembling and positioning each piece of equipment to create a cohesive, functional workout space.


Dedicated Customer Service

At Show Me Weights, we pride ourselves on our dedicated customer service. We're not just about installing your equipment; we're here to support your fitness journey every step of the way. Our team is always ready to answer any questions you may have about your equipment and its maintenance, ensuring you get the most out of your fitness investment.


Long-Term Maintenance and Support

Even after installation, our service doesn't end. We're committed to ensuring your equipment remains in top condition, offering long-term maintenance services to extend its lifespan and maintain optimal performance. If you face any issues with your equipment, you can rely on Show Me Weights to provide timely, efficient solutions.


Choose Show Me Weights for your Fitness Equipment Installation

Make the smart choice for your fitness journey by choosing Show Me Weights for your fitness equipment installation needs in Lake St. Louis MO. With our experienced team, high-quality services, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we'll ensure your equipment installation is hassle-free, leaving you to focus on achieving your fitness goals.

Invest in fitness equipment assembly and installation services that you can rely on. Get in touch with Show Me Weights today and let us help you make your fitness journey the best it can be.


Ease of Installation - A Worry-Free Experience

Undertaking the installation of fitness equipment can be overwhelming, particularly with machines that are bulky or have complex components. Our services aim to provide you with a worry-free experience. At Show Me Weights, we handle everything, from the unpacking of your equipment to the final set-up. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting, and meticulous assembly so you don’t have to.


Experienced and Professional Installation Team

Our installation team is experienced and professional. Trained to handle all types of fitness equipment, our crew is knowledgeable about the different brands and models in the market. They are well-versed in all aspects of installation, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup. You can trust our team to handle your fitness equipment with care, ensuring the preservation of its quality and longevity.


Fitness Equipment Installation in Lake St. Louis MO - Why Show Me Weights?

For your fitness equipment installation needs in Lake St. Louis MO, Show Me Weights is a clear choice. We have proven experience in the assembly and installation of a wide range of exercise machines. Our focus is always on providing a hassle-free, quality service to our customers. With Show Me Weights, you can rest easy knowing your fitness equipment is in capable hands.


Get in Touch

Ready to set up your home or commercial gym in Lake St. Louis MO? Contact Show Me Weights today. Our team is standing by to help you get your fitness journey off to a great start with our professional fitness equipment installation services. Start enjoying the benefits of your fitness equipment sooner with Show Me Weights.


Exceptional Service

Show Me Weights, a renowned name in fitness equipment installation, is committed to offering exceptional services that will exceed your expectations. Our expertise in the assembly and installation of a wide variety of fitness equipment types makes us a trusted choice for customers in Lake St. Louis MO. Whether it's a home gym setup or a commercial project, we are here to support you every step of the way. Choose us for a seamless and efficient fitness equipment installation experience.


Your Fitness Goals – Our Mission

At Show Me Weights, we understand the importance of physical fitness in everyone's life. Therefore, our objective is not limited to just the installation of equipment. We aim to be part of your fitness journey by ensuring the proper assembly and placement of your machines to help you achieve your fitness goals with ease and convenience.


Installation Catered to Your Space

Whether you're setting up a small home gym or a sprawling fitness center, we understand that each space is unique. Our team is skilled at optimizing your workout area, placing your equipment in a way that maximizes space, promotes safety, and enhances your workout experience. Our attention to detail ensures a tailor-made fitness environment to suit your needs.


Versatility of Equipment Handled

From treadmills and elliptical machines to rowing machines and exercise bikes, our team is adept at assembling and installing a wide array of fitness machines. We ensure that all parts are correctly fitted, each screw is tightened, and all safety checks are conducted before handing over the completed setup to you.


Committed to Quality Service

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our service. At Show Me Weights, we are committed to delivering a quality service that leaves you completely satisfied. We work efficiently to minimize any disruption to your day, while maintaining the highest standards of workmanship.


Get the Best from Your Fitness Equipment

With our professional installation service, you can rest assured that you are getting the best out of your fitness equipment. Proper assembly can prolong the lifespan of your equipment, ensuring you get a return on your investment.

Entrust your fitness equipment installation to the experts at Show Me Weights in Lake St. Louis MO. Our professional, friendly, and experienced team is ready to get your gym set up, so you can focus on what really matters – achieving your fitness goals. Don’t hesitate – contact Show Me Weights today for a fitness equipment installation service that is second to none.


Show Me Weights: Premier Fitness Equipment Installation in Lake St. Louis, MO


In the bustling community of Lake St. Louis, MO, the demand for high-quality fitness solutions has never been higher. Whether you're setting up a home gym, updating a fitness center, or equipping a commercial fitness facility, the challenge remains the same: sourcing the best equipment and ensuring it's installed correctly for maximum performance and safety. Enter Show Me Weights, your local experts in fitness equipment installation, assembly, and delivery services.


Comprehensive Fitness Equipment Installation Services

At Show Me Weights, we understand that the foundation of any effective fitness routine starts with the right equipment. That's why we offer comprehensive fitness equipment installation services in Lake St. Louis, MO, ensuring your elliptical machines, rowing machines, exercise bikes, and other fitness machines are set up efficiently and correctly. Our professional assembly service extends to all types of exercise equipment, guaranteeing a seamless setup process from delivery to the final installation.


Fitness Solutions for Every Setting

Whether you're a homeowner looking to create a convenient workout space or a business owner aiming to furnish a state-of-the-art fitness center, our wide range of gym equipment and installation expertise makes us the go-to provider in Lake St. Louis, MO. From robust commercial fitness installations to compact home gyms, Show Me Weights delivers personalized solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.


Expert Delivery and Assembly Service

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end with the sale. Show Me Weights offers an expert delivery and assembly service, ensuring that your fitness equipment arrives safely and is assembled with precision. Our skilled technicians handle every aspect of the installation process, from unboxing and assembling to testing and final placement, providing a turnkey solution that lets you focus on what really matters: achieving your fitness goals.


Why Choose Show Me Weights for Your Gym Installation Needs?

Experience: With years of experience in the fitness industry, Show Me Weights has the expertise to handle installations of all sizes, from compact home setups to expansive commercial fitness centers.


Quality: We only stock and install the highest quality fitness machines, ensuring durability, reliability, and user satisfaction.


Customized Solutions: Understanding that every fitness journey is unique, we offer customized installation services designed to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of your space.


Customer Satisfaction: At Show Me Weights, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that every installation is completed to your utmost satisfaction.


Enhancing Fitness Routines in Lake St. Louis, MO

The right fitness equipment can transform your exercise routine, providing the motivation and tools needed to achieve your fitness objectives. Whether you're installing a new rowing machine in your home gym or equipping a fitness center with the latest elliptical machines, Show Me Weights is here to ensure your fitness equipment installation in Lake St. Louis, MO, is seamless, professional, and customized to your needs.


Elevate your fitness experience with Show Me Weights, where quality equipment meets expert installation. Contact us today to learn more about our fitness equipment installation services and start your journey toward a healthier, more active lifestyle in Lake St. Louis, MO.


Show Me Weights, rooted in the heart of Lake St. Louis, MO, has established itself as the cornerstone of fitness enthusiasts and facility owners seeking not only top-tier exercise equipment but also comprehensive installation services. Our reputation stems from a deep understanding of the fitness industry's dynamics and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the health and wellness community in Lake St. Louis and beyond.


Tailored Fitness Equipment Solutions


Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, Show Me Weights offers a broad spectrum of fitness equipment suited for various settings, from serene home gyms to bustling commercial fitness centers. Our selection includes the latest in elliptical machines, durable rowing machines, state-of-the-art exercise bikes, and an array of fitness machines designed to cater to every fitness level and preference.


Seamless Installation Process

Our fitness equipment installation services are crafted to ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients in Lake St. Louis, MO. From the moment of delivery, our skilled assembly service team takes over, meticulously setting up your equipment with precision and care. This meticulous attention to detail not only ensures the longevity and functionality of your machines but also secures the safety of users, making every workout session as effective and safe as possible.


Enhancing Commercial Fitness Facilities

For commercial fitness center owners, the importance of reliable, efficient gym equipment cannot be overstated. Show Me Weights prides itself on supplying and installing commercial-grade gym equipment that withstands the rigors of high-traffic use. Our gym installation services extend beyond assembly, encompassing strategic layout planning and optimization to maximize space utility and enhance the overall user experience. This comprehensive approach ensures that fitness centers in Lake St. Louis, MO, are not just equipped but are destinations of choice for health and fitness enthusiasts.


Elevating Home Gyms

The trend towards home-based fitness has seen a significant rise, with more individuals seeking convenience without compromising on the quality of their workout. Show Me Weights responds to this demand by providing exercise equipment that fits seamlessly into the home environment. From compact, space-saving designs to versatile multi-use fitness machines, we ensure that your home gym meets your fitness goals while complementing your living space.


Why Lake St. Louis Trusts Show Me Weights

Local Expertise: As a business deeply embedded in the Lake St. Louis community, we bring local insights and tailored solutions that meet the specific fitness needs of Missouri residents.


Quality Assurance: Every piece of equipment we provide and install undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring that our clients receive only the best in the market.


Customer-Centric Service: Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to deliver services that exceed expectations, from initial consultation to post-installation support.


Innovative Solutions: Staying at the forefront of fitness trends, Show Me Weights continually updates its product offerings and installation techniques to incorporate the latest innovations in the fitness industry.


Show Me Weights stands as the premier provider of fitness equipment and installation services in Lake St. Louis, MO. Our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions makes us the ideal partner for anyone looking to enhance their fitness facility or home gym. Trust Show Me Weights to transform your fitness space into a haven of health and wellness, where every workout is an experience tailored to your needs and goals.


At Show Me Weights, our dedication to fostering a healthier, more active community in Lake St. Louis, MO, is reflected in every aspect of our service. We recognize that the journey towards optimal health and fitness is personal and ever-evolving. That's why we commit to providing not just products, but solutions that empower our clients—whether they're first-time gym owners or seasoned fitness enthusiasts looking to upgrade their home workout spaces.


A Partner in Fitness


Choosing Show Me Weights means more than selecting a provider for fitness equipment and installation services. It means choosing a partner who is invested in your fitness journey and success. We pride ourselves on a client-centric approach that starts from the moment you reach out to us. Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the equipment that best suits your fitness goals, space requirements, and budget.

Beyond Installation: Comprehensive Support


Our commitment to your satisfaction extends far beyond the initial installation. Show Me Weights offers comprehensive support to ensure your fitness equipment remains in peak condition, maximizing its lifespan and your investment. From routine maintenance to repair services, our team is equipped to handle all your post-installation needs. This level of support is what sets us apart and cements our reputation as the trusted fitness equipment provider in Lake St. Louis, MO.


Adapting to Trends and Innovations

The fitness industry is dynamic, with new trends and technologies constantly emerging. At Show Me Weights, we stay ahead of the curve, continually updating our product offerings and installation techniques to reflect the latest in fitness innovation. Whether it's the newest model of elliptical machines that offer immersive workout experiences or rowing machines designed for maximum efficiency, we ensure our clients have access to the best the industry has to offer.


Empowering Fitness Centers and Home Gyms Alike

Whether equipping a commercial fitness center or creating a personalized home gym, Show Me Weights understands the unique challenges and opportunities each setting presents. For commercial facilities, we offer gym installation services that consider traffic flow, equipment variety, and space optimization to create an inviting and efficient workout environment. For home gyms, we focus on selecting equipment that fits your space, lifestyle, and fitness objectives, ensuring a home workout space that is both functional and inspiring.


Show Me Weights is more than just a provider of fitness equipment and installation services in Lake St. Louis, MO. We are a dedicated partner in the fitness journey of each client we serve. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made us the go-to source for fitness solutions in the area. Whether you're opening a new fitness center or enhancing your home gym, trust Show Me Weights to provide the expertise, products, and support you need to achieve your fitness goals.