Fitness Equipment Installation St. Peters MO

Build a Home Gym With Safe, Efficient Professional Installation 

Fitness Equipment Installation St. Peters MO 

If you're like many people in the past year, you may have found yourself spending much more time at home. Your expensive gym membership may have started to gather some dust and take up space in your budget. More people than ever have opted to skip the membership and design their own complete home gym. A home gym needs to cater to your workout needs and also be away from distractions, such as kids, pets, work and devices. When you are ready to move forward with a home gym, look for professional fitness equipment installation St. Peters MO to get the quality workout you're used to at the gym. Here are some ways to make your home gym come together.

Choose a Location in Your Home

The first step to building a complete home gym is to choose the right location in your house. If you have a large home, with extra empty bedrooms or a finished basement, choose a room that is away from the noise and the family's center of activity. Avoid a room that is next to a child's bedroom or near the kitchen or living room. Your best option is a tucked-away room in the basement or another area of the home that isn't as busy.

If your home is small, you may have limited options. Some people transform their garage into a workout zone if they don't have enough space inside. You can also turn a portion of a room into a workout area if you set up a divider to keep the rest of the space separate from your exercise setup.  

Set Up the Room's Logistics

Before putting up gym equipment and starting a new exercise routine, you need to set up the room's logistics first. A home gym needs to have plenty of ventilation and cool air flowing through it so your workouts aren't too uncomfortable. Gyms in a garage need to add this ventilation through fans or a portable air conditioning unit since there are no windows. If your gym is in the basement or another room in your house, add a ceiling fan or a powerful upright fan to get the air moving.

The floor style in a home gym also matters if you want fitness equipment, a specialized workout or heavy cardio machines. Some styles of workouts require special flooring to protect your joints and prevent injury. If you have a lot of weights and heavy equipment pieces in your home gym, you may need to place some rubber flooring down to keep the room's floors from being damaged. Your workout type and intensity can help determine which kind of flooring option you'll need, such as foam, rubber, carpet, vinyl or hardwood.

Purchase at Least One Cardio Machine

The most basic type of exercise equipment to begin within a home gym is a cardio machine. A full-body workout starts with cardio training and getting your heart into the right zone. Cardio fitness benefits your health and can also lead to losing weight or maintaining a healthy body. If you want to get a really good workout, avoid flimsy machines that won't last longer than a year or so. Instead, invest in one quality piece of cardio equipment that delivers a complete workout and helps you reach your goals. Treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical and rowing machines are popular pieces of cardio equipment that work for a home gym.

While you may not be able to pull off the professional fitness equipment models that are found at the gym due to price, you can still find a home version of your favorite cardio machine. Be sure to select something you can physically test out at a home fitness store so you can get a better sense of its appropriateness for your needs. A quality cardio machine should have multiple settings and modes for different types of training. It should also come with a warranty.

Have a Place for Weight Training

Another part of a home gym should be a spot dedicated to weight training. Weight training is the best way to build up lean muscle mass, improve your strength and maintain a high level of fitness, even as you age. Your weights can also be used during various workouts, such as aerobics, interval training, kickboxing or cross-training. Pick a place in your gym's space to store and organize your weights.

It's best to purchase a heavy-duty weight rack to hold your weights. You can opt to have dumbbells of different sizes on your weight rack, or you can use a barbell and plates to get your strength training in. Some home workout enthusiasts also have weighted balls and ankle or wrist weights as part of their weight training zone in their gym.

Include a Stretching Zone

Many home gyms also have a space that is devoted to stretching. There are lots of benefits of stretching before, after or during a workout. Stretching or low-impact workouts like yoga can help you relax, deal with stress and gain some clarity. Stretching also helps improve your flexibility and develop a better range of motion to make you be less likely to get injured or experience muscle soreness after working out.

A stretching area doesn't have to be large in your home gym. Get at least one yoga mat or a soft space that allows you to lie flat on the floor. Consider buying a large yoga ball for certain types of stretches and ab workouts. Additionally, invest in some stretchy bands or other yoga accessories to get a wider range of motion during your workouts.

Add Audio and Visual Entertainment Features

Your home workout space also needs to have plenty of entertainment options to make your workout more interesting and exciting. At a minimum, add some high-quality speakers so you can play your favorite motivating music to get yourself up and moving. An even better idea is to install a big-screen television in the center of your workout space. If you spend most of your time on a cardio machine, position your television to be near your treadmill or exercise bike.

If you enjoy playing workout videos on your screen, place your television in a space where you have a perfect view. Make sure you have plenty of free space in your home gym to do various workouts from YouTube or other streaming sources. Set up your television to allow for seamless streaming from your phone or computer to get your workout on a big screen and help keep you going when you're feeling bored or unmotivated. Keep all wires from your speakers and television tucked in or out of the way so they don't become tripping hazards.  

Set Aside a Place for Towels

You should also have an area in your home gym just for other essentials, like towels and cleaning supplies. A simple shelf or rack may be enough to store these items and keep them organized and available during your workout. Have a set of white workout towels folded up and ready to go for each workout so you can wipe off your sweat and keep comfortable and dry.

You may want to also stock some easy cleanup supplies, such as sanitizing wipes, in your home gym. Some cleaning spray and paper towels can also take on this task. If you have multiple people in your family or household who use your home gym, encourage everyone to take the time after their workout to wipe off and clean machines, surfaces, weights, mats and other areas. If you are the only person using your home gym, cleaning everything off after your routine can help extend the lifetime of your machines and other pieces of equipment.

Get Help from the Pros

The last important piece of a successful home gym is help from professional installers and technicians. Some of your home gym equipment, such as mats, exercise balls and bands, don't need any special setup and can just be added to your space. Cardio equipment, exercise machines, weight racks and other high-quality exercise devices need professional setup and installation so you can get the most benefits out of your new workout machine. To do this, you'll need to connect with a pro or the sales team for your new equipment.

Many pieces of cardio equipment are extremely heavy and difficult to put together and set up. A professional installation team can take on this task in minutes and have your machine ready to go for a safe, effective workout. Additionally, if you attempt to put your own machine together by yourself, you could make some big errors and sacrifice safety. A home gym equipment specialist can also give you advice about the best placement for your new machine, how to use the items safely and how to keep pets and children from accessing your cardio equipment.

If you're ready to get started on designing and stocking your home gym, check out what we have to offer for fitness equipment installation St. Peters MO at Show Me Weights. You can find a variety of home gym supplies, including flooring, exercise machines, free weights and more and also get expert installation and advice for your new workout style.

How You Can Set Up Your Home Gym To Best Meet Your Needs

Are you considering setting up your own home gym? Perhaps you are looking for guidance on how to handle the process from start to finish and would like to know what to expect.

Having your own private gym can be rewarding. You can work out whenever you choose, save money by working out at home rather than going to health clubs and you can have a schedule that accommodates your needs. Although the process might seem overwhelming at first, it is possible to structure your at-home gym in a way that will meet your needs. Use these guidelines to help you get started and stay safe while working out at home.

Setting Up a Home Gym for the First Time

Before you do anything, find out how much space you will have to work with inside your home gym. This will determine how much and what kinds of exercise equipment you can go out and purchase. You should also consider if you'll need space for stretching, doing aerobics workouts, or yoga, and if only you will be using the gym, or if other family members will be using it at the same time with you.

Taking the time to plan now can help you make the most of your resources later on while allowing you to save money.

Factors To Consider When Starting a Home Gym

Besides space, there are other factors to consider when setting up your home gym.

You should think about:

  • What you want to get out of your at-home gym
  • If you want to target certain areas when working out
  • If you are starting small and adding to your gym or building it all at once
  • Do you already have machines or will you need to purchase them

There's no right or wrong way to set up your gym, only what works best for you. Try envisioning different ways to set up your gym so you can feel confident you have the best possible arrangement to suit your needs.

Deciding What Type of Equipment You Need

Once you've decided how you would like your gym to look, it's important to think about the types of equipment you'll use. Perhaps you already have exercise equipment. While this is a start, now is a good time to ask yourself if you should invest in new gym equipment or if you would like to use something different to help you move toward your fitness goals.

It's important to try out different models and to shop around. You want to find your exercise machines at the right price, but you also want to feel confident that they have the features you need and are looking for to ensure a successful workout session.

Using Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes can be used to target a variety of areas, from excess belly weight to toning your legs. You can find bikes that recline, allowing for a workout that puts less stress on your back, or you can use an upright bike.

Before purchasing a bike, make sure you try out several to find one that is an ideal fit for you. You ideally want to look at exercise bikes that you can be reasonably comfortable riding while allowing you to increase the intensity as needed once you become more familiar with the machine.

Having a Treadmill Available 

Treadmills are a staple when it comes to rounding out the proper tools that are necessary for any home gym. Treadmills allow you to walk or run, increasing your speed and intensity as much as you want. If you live somewhere that can be cold or otherwise has a lot of snow, this might be a useful option for you, so you can keep up on your fitness routine.

If you are getting a new machine, try to find out if treadmill assembly is included. This is important so you can exercise safely without worrying about something happening while you are working out.

Adding Rowing Machines To Your Gym

Rowing machines are a good option if you are looking to strengthen your arms but don't want to use weights. They can provide you with diversity in your workout and allow you to remain seated while doing so.

Keep in mind that rowing machines can take up extra space in your gym. If you are only wanting a few pieces of equipment, this might be a good option to include in your home gym lineup so you can vary the type of routines, along with the intensity.

Why Ellipticals are Useful

Ellipticals are a great machine to have on hand because of the full-body workout they provide. You can work your legs, stomach, and arms all at the same time, and burn more calories in the process. If you have only room for one machine, the elliptical is a good choice because of how versatile it is.  You can even use it to pedal backward if you are trying to focus on different areas of your body.

If you are buying one that is brand-new, it is important to have professional fitness equipment assemblers help you put it together. You want to feel confident that your machine is safe to use and works properly.

How Stair Machines Can Benefit Your Routine 

Taking the stairs has long been a popular way to lose weight. If you don't have stairs at home, you might find a stair machine helpful to use. Also called a stair stepper, there are usually two steps on opposite sides for each foot. You can set the pace, but these types of machines allow you to go at your own speed, just as you would on regular stairs.

Generally, stair machines don't take up a lot of space. If you are trying to focus on getting a good workout for your legs, adding a stair machine can be helpful.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional To Help

When you are having new exercise equipment put in, it is important to have equipment assemblers who can do the job for you. Exercise equipment can be tricky to put together and it is easy to put something together that is too loose, or otherwise not safe.

A professional can also help you:

  • Move equipment to the right spot
  • Test everything for you once is it assembled
  • Answer questions you have on how to tell if your equipment is safe

Having someone come in and put everything together for you can take the weight off your shoulders when you are trying to prepare for a safe workout.

Why Hiring a Professional is Safer When Having Equipment Installed

Just like at a local fitness center, you should think about the benefits associated with having assembly services rather than trying to do everything yourself. If you aren't used to putting a fitness machine together, you might not know how tightly to screw something on, or what it should look like when it is finished.

By contrast, a professional will know that, and they can help you ensure that your equipment is put together correctly the first time, allowing you to feel safe and worry-free once you start using it.

The Cost of Installation Service 

The cost of installation service can vary depending on the company you use and what is included. Make sure to ask questions and find out what you should expect to pay.

The overall cost can be affected depending on factors such as:

  • How many machines you are having installed
  • If delivery and installation are included together
  • If everything will be done at once or if this requires more than one trip

Knowing what to expect upfront can be reassuring when having your equipment installed and help you figure out how much you'll have to pay for.

How You Can Save Money With a Home Gym

Having your own private home gym to go to can help save you money. Although you will have an initial investment to make upfront with any new machines and having your items put together, you'll no longer need to pay monthly fees when it comes to working out. You can also go to the gym anytime you would like since it is in your home, allowing you to save money on gas and cutting out the commute altogether.

Making the choice to build your own home gym and have items installed can also help if you decide to sell your current home later on.

Beginning Your Home Workout Journey Today

If you are ready to get started with your own home workout center and you know what you want, take it to the next step and arrange for Fitness equipment installation St. Peters MO. This can give you peace of mind and ensure that all of your equipment is safe and ready to use, ensuring that you have a safer experience.

If you are ready to start shopping for different products for your home gym, check out the many options we have at Show Me Weights, and see what might be a good fit for your needs.