Fitness Equipment Installation Wentzville MO

Maintenance and Repair for Common Home Gym Equipment

Fitness equipment is an investment. On average, a home gym will cost you at least $2,000, but there are some pieces of equipment that cost much more than that — so the expense depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Regardless of the dollar amount, though, there’s no doubt that your fitness equipment is valuable to you — which is why it’s important to invest in regular maintenance, and when necessary, repair. This includes fitness equipment installation Wentzville MO to ensure your gear is set up properly. Fitness repair and maintenance are essential for prolonging the life of your exercise equipment, and these are the most common repairs your fitness equipment might need.

Fitness Equipment Installation Wentzville MO


Ellipticals are one of the most common staples of home gyms, and it’s easy to see why. This tool is simple to use, incredibly effective, and relatively low impact. Though most are sturdily built, maintenance and repairs are still often necessary. The most common issues reported from ellipticals are noise-related. If you’re hearing any of the following, it might be time for a tune-up:

  • Knocking
  • Popping
  • Roaring

Each of these issues can be easily resolved by isolating the source of the noise and repairing or replacing the part that is the culprit. More often than not, if you hear knocking or popping, a part has become loose and simply needs to be tightened. In more serious cases, a part may be worn through and require replacement. If you hear a roaring noise when the elliptical is in use, wheels and bearings are the most culprit. This sound may mean that they are in need of replacement.

For ellipticals that have an attached console, there are electronic issues that can arise in addition to mechanical issues. You might find that the console is dimly lit, or it is not turning on at all. If you have ensured that the machine’s cables are properly connected to the console, and the problem still persists, you should check that it doesn’t need new batteries. If the issue still does not resolve, it might be time to enlist help from a professional fitness equipment repairman.


Treadmills are the most common piece of exercise equipment found in home gyms. Use yours to walk, jog, or run, depending on the day, and get in a full session of cardio in the process. Like every other piece of fitness equipment, though, a treadmill is likely to need periodic maintenance and repairs. Some of the most common issues that users encounter with treadmills include the following:

  • Inconsistent speed
  • Slipping belt
  • Broken display
  • Burning smell
  • Motor burnt out
  • Heated belt

All of these problems are likely to require professional attention in order to repair. A treadmill can quickly become a safety hazard if it is damaged in any way, so if you observe any of these phenomena, it is imperative that you cease usage and wait until your equipment is professionally repaired to resume use. Repairs may be minor and require a small adjustment or be more serious and demand that you replace large parts of the equipment.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are yet another great option for a low impact, high results workout. Ideal for building core strength and providing intensive cardio, this piece of equipment is a must-have for any home gym — which means that it might also be subject to a little extra wear and tear. This shouldn’t be a source of worry unless you notice a specific issue arise with your exercise bike indicating that it needs to be serviced or repaired.

Though most bikes are built to last, common maintenance issues include adjustments to pedals, corroded parts, and a broken chain or belt. Adjustments to pedals can easily be performed with simple tools such as a screwdriver — you typically just need to tighten the pedal’s attachment to the machine. Problems such as corroded parts or a chain or belt in need of replacement require more attention. In these situations, help from a professional fitness equipment service company is the safest way to resolve the problem. Professional repairmen can assess the problem, install the necessary replacement parts, and ensure your equipment is safe before you continue use.

Weight Machines

For fitness fans who are trying to build bulk, there’s no better piece of equipment than a weight machine. Designed to provide intensive workouts and build resistance, this home gym staple is an essential. Because there are typically no electronic parts or motors, there is less potential for problems with a weight machine than with other pieces of home gym equipment. Still, though, issues can arise — in which case, you should call a fitness equipment installation Wentzville MO specialist.

The most common problem encountered when dealing with a weight machine is a frayed or broken cable. A weight machine works by allowing users to pull on cables, so extended use can easily result in wear and tear that necessitates repair. In the event that a cable needs replacement, the weight will not move smoothly and you may feel like there is not enough tension when you pull. An unreliable cable is a major safety hazard, so it’s imperative to invest in a repair as soon as possible and stop using your weight machine in the meantime.

Aerobic Steppers

If you’re seeking to sculpt your lower body and up the intensity of your workout, an aerobic stepper is the piece of equipment you need. This tool is a simple, affordable, and effective way to tone your glutes and hamstrings fast. If you’ve noticed that your machine seems to lack tension, or its steps seem unstable, these are signs that you may need to invest in maintenance or repair.

Step machine maintenance can prevent common problems and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Some elements of preventative maintenance that you can invest in include the following:

  • Lubricate chains and pivot points
  • Clean the belts and pulleys
  • Remove built up grease on chains
  • Ensure links are properly tightened

These steps can keep your step machine in great condition, but if you still encounter a problem — or if you want to entrust maintenance to professionals — calling in a fitness equipment repair service can ensure that your machine is safe for use.

Rowing Machines

One of the most intensive workouts you can get is on a rowing machine. This equipment’s unique ability to train nearly every part of your body makes it a great option for strength-building, cardio, and everything in between. Rowing machines work by providing resistance through use of a flywheel, and sometimes this and other parts of the machine require maintenance and replacement. If you notice that your machine’s tension and resistance seem to be reduced, or if you hear an unusual noise when it is in use, you should consult with a professional fitness equipment repair provider.

A repair may be as simple as tightening loose nuts and bolts, or it may require replacement of a major part such as the flywheel. It is important to note that continuing to use a damaged rowing machine can be a safety hazard, so if you suspect your equipment is in need of repair, you should cease using it immediately until you are able to have it serviced. Once a professional has provided whatever maintenance is necessary, you can safely resume using your rowing machine.

High-Tech Equipment

You’ve likely seen advertisements for the latest innovation in home gym gear — app-enabled, smart equipment that tracks your vitals, connects you to live workout classes, and provides AI-informed training to help you meet your fitness goals. All of these features are part of the next generation of high-tech fitness equipment, and with more bells and whistles, there’s also more opportunity for things to go wrong.

Smart stationary bikes and lifting stations are commonplace in many home gyms now, but their advanced technology doesn’t mean they don’t need repairs. Screens can go black, mechanical parts may need replacement, and plenty of other issues can arise. The advanced technology of these tools means that repairs are often difficult to DIY, so you may need to call in a professional for servicing.

Professional Fitness Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Your home gym is your oasis. You retreat to refuel and build your strength, so when one of your tools is out of commission, you need it repaired as soon as possible. You can avoid the need for repairs in the first place by investing in maintenance from a fitness equipment service company in the St Charles St Louis area. If you do happen to need repairs, though, don’t worry — trusting the job to a professional means that you can have your favorite gym equipment back up and running sooner rather than later.

Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or replacement, Show Me Weights is the premier provider of fitness equipment services in the greater Wentzville, MO area. We offer comprehensive home gym services.

You can browse our inventory for an amazing selection of affordable fitness equipment or call us at (636) 326-1885 for more information on the services we provide.


Developing and Installing a Home Gym

Gyms and fitness centers provide easy access to workout equipment and professional training, but it isn’t always easy to find time to head over to the gym. Bad weather may complicate your workout plans, as can having to stay late at work to meet a project deadline. Your fitness should be a priority if you want to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle, and distractions and complications can get in the way of making a good effort.

Rather than investing in a membership to a local fitness center, put your money into a home gym or workout center. With a home gym, you can remove many of the barriers that would keep you from working out. With Show Me Weights, the equipment is affordable, and your order is quickly delivered. With the fitness equipment installation Wentzville MO teams provide, you can put in place a top-notch home workout center safely and efficiently.

The Space You Need for a Home Gym

You probably won’t have the square footage available for a gym the size of the average health club, but space doesn’t have to limit your gym options. In fact, there are different uses for the various pieces of exercise equipment that cover a range of workout needs. Choosing the right gym equipment will help maximize the space you have and be the most effective for your workout goals. When looking at your home or garage, think of what you want to achieve with your workout plan before ordering equipment. Some pieces may take up more space than needed, especially if the equipment won’t be used too often.

In addition to the space, it will take up, think of the initial delivery of home equipment. If you have an apartment, you should think about the weight of the equipment and the task of having it installed. Professional fitness equipment assemblers won’t have an issue when first delivering and setting up your pieces, but what about the future? Large, cumbersome pieces are difficult to maneuver around small spaces and will need to be completely disassembled to be safely moved, especially if flights of stairs are involved.

There are some recommendations for a home gym, and these are based on the safe use of pieces of equipment. The way your equipment is arranged and the size of the pieces will impact these numbers, but it gives you a base estimate of how much space you should plan on.

  • Treadmills need about 30 square feet of space.
  • Free weights should have between 20-50 square feet of space.
  • Elliptical machines need about 30 square feet of space.
  • Rowing machines need about 20 square feet.
  • A stationary exercise bike should have about 10 square feet of space.
  • Single-station gyms need about 35 square feet of space.
  • Multi-station gyms should be between 50 to 200 square feet of space.

The Equipment You Need for a Home Gym

Once you’ve determined how much space you have to work with, you can make your decisions concerning the equipment to purchase. While all of it would be helpful in toning your body, there are some pieces that will be more effective than others in helping you reach your goals. Some people install a personal fitness station to lose weight, while others want to maintain their weight and tone their bodies. You will want a combination of small and large pieces, and with some intentional shopping, you can find products that work with your space limitations and workout needs very affordably.


Dumbbells are highly versatile and enable you to perform a number of movements that impact the entire body. Dumbbells are space-savers, particularly if you purchase an adjustable set. This will keep you from investing in multiple pairs, saving both money and space.

Weight Bench

If you plan to do a lot of strength training, you should invest in a workout bench. It provides more sturdy support than a table or a couch, and you can do a number of different movements on it. To save space and for increased flexibility, choose a bench that is adjustable to many different angles. This provides variation in simple exercises.

Resistance Bands

These take up very little space but are incredibly effective at toning the body. Some prefer resistance bands to dumbbells or barbells because of the difference in tension. Squats, pushups and rows take on new difficulties when you add bands for increased resistance.

Stationary Bicycle

An affordable exercise bike from Show Me Weights is a great way to develop a good cardio routine. Stationary bikes can hold a lot of weight, and many designs have resistance systems in place to help recreate the experience of cycling on the road.


The treadmill seems to be a home gym staple, as everyone enjoys walking, running or jogging. Treadmills do require a bit of space, especially if you are interested in the more commercial-grade models for use in high-intensity interval training. There is a wide range of treadmills for every price point, but key advantages in certain models are the ability to change the incline of the deck, speed options, horsepower in the motor, and health monitor capabilities.


Through an elliptical, you can get a low impact but great cardio workout. It’s also one of the more enjoyable forms of exercise, which is why you should consider adding it to your home gym. A good unit will have smooth, natural movements, and you should look for an elliptical with an adjustable incline and both forward and reverse motions. If you are keen on working out the upper body, consider a unit that has upper body levers.

Rowing Machine

For a strong core and good cardio training, a rowing machine delivers excellent results. Rowing machines come in different types, with the water or magnetic rowers having more quiet, smooth resistance. The flywheel or the hydraulic tend to have more friction, which makes them louder. The way you are able to row varies by design, and improper form can sabotage the efficiency of results.


When you are ready to add one or more of these pieces of equipment to your home, think about the flooring you have. It isn’t safe to put pieces of equipment down on a soft carpet. The slightest wobble could cause injury and damage to the equipment. A workout on straight concrete or other hard floor puts wear and tear on your body. Install rubber flooring to protect your floors and your body when working out.

The Care You Need for a Home Gym

Just like you would find at a local fitness center, the care and upkeep of your equipment improve the lifespan of each piece and encourage your safety. Take care to wipe down your equipment after a workout, removing moisture, dust and other particles from all pieces that were handled. Be sure to control the climate and humidity in the area to prevent unnecessary damage, rust or mold buildup on the equipment. Multi-purpose gym wipes are an easy but effective way to take care of your equipment and keep it sanitary.

The People You Need for a Home Gym

In your excitement to get your home gym going, you may splurge on the latest and greatest in personal fitness equipment. You may end up investing in equipment that will never bring real value to your workout. You need the right people in your life to help you craft a home gym, not just to recommend specific products but to also provide delivery and installation help. Many pieces of equipment require careful construction if you are going to avoid potential injury down the road. Many pieces also come with a warranty that could be voided if faulty or improper installation is the cause of equipment damage.

Show Me Weights carries a huge selection of pre-owned fitness equipment that will save you thousands when putting together your home gym. You can browse through cardio pieces, strength-training, conditioning and cross-fit items. You can piece together a gym your friends and family will be envious of with the options from Show Me Weights. Additionally, you can choose in-home delivery and receive professional installation services from a team of highly qualified individuals.

There is a lot to think about when putting together a fitness machine from start to finish. The pieces are a combination of metal and plastic, but typically very heavy and oversized. Putting a treadmill or elliptical together on your own is not safe. As pieces need to be connected and lifted, it takes two people who know the machinery and the installation instructions to do so safely and efficiently. You can risk damaging yourself, the equipment or property within your house when attempting to put together home gym components on your own.

The Place To Start With Your Home Gym

Make Show Me Weights your first stop when planning your home gym. From a leading selection of affordable equipment to our professional assembly services that leave you with a completely assembled and installed home gym, your fitness goals are within reach when you choose Show Me Weights. Contact us today to find out more about our products or to get your equipment installed.


Fitness Equipment Installation: Complete Guide

Because of its size and complexity, fitness equipment can be difficult to install correctly. Improperly assembled and installed exercise equipment can be unsafe to use. Additionally, the equipment may function incorrectly, wear down faster or break down. Professional fitness equipment installation Wentzville MO ensures that your equipment operates safely and efficiently, prolonging its life and protecting the health of the people who use it.

Fitness Equipment Installation Wentzville MO

Show Me Weights provides professional fitness equipment installation Wentzville MO and customized gyms for schools, businesses and institutions in the region. Show Me Weights provides in-home delivery and installation for most of the products and equipment it carries from a variety of top manufacturers:

  • True
  • Atlantis
  • Star Trac
  • Nautilus
  • Body-Solid
  • BodyKore
  • Wright Equipment
  • StairMaster

Save money on your installations by shopping Show Me Weights' inventory of pre-owned fitness equipment and clearance items. 

Equipment Show Me Weights Installs

A high-quality fitness equipment installation Wentzville MO should include a variety of equipment for strength and cardio training. Show Me Weights provides delivery and installation service for all the gym equipment you need to fully stock your health clubs or home gym.

Strength Training Equipment

Strength training equipment falls into two major categories. Free weights are relatively inexpensive and can be used for a wide variety of exercises. Machines tend to have higher upfront costs and are more specialized. However, machines are good tools for beginning lifters because they teach proper form and reduce the risk of injury. If you are assembling a small home gym, free weights provide the most versatility for the space you have. Most commercial gyms have a mix of free weights and machines.

Most free weights do not require professional installation. However, the benches, racks and machines used with these weights can be large, heavy and complicated to assemble. Professional assembly services help ensure that your equipment is put together properly so that it is safe and effective for users.

Weight Bars

Weight bars support weight plates and enable users to perform various strength training moves. Weight bars come in several types for different exercises:

  • Squat bars
  • Hex bars
  • Dumbbells
  • Curl bars
  • Training bars
  • Trap bars

There are also other more specialized bars. Most gyms come equipped with at least a basic training bar, squat bars and dumbbells. 

Weight Plates

Weight plates attach to weight bars or machines to provide the resistance that makes strength training exercises work. Most weight plates are either round or hexagonal. Hex-shaped plates may be less expensive and do not roll when placed on the floor. Round plates are more versatile and durable. 

Benches, Racks and Rigs

Benches, racks and rigs allow users to do a wider variety of exercises than using free weights alone. The most common type of bench is a flat or adjustable bench. Many of these benches are paired with racks for holding barbells or dumbbells. Some come with attachments for doing leg exercises. Stand-alone racks and rigs are commonly used for doing exercises such as squats, where a rack is needed to support the bar in the proper position for the lifter to perform the exercise.


Weight machines are usually larger and more complicated than free weights. Some machines are multi-function machines that replicate a variety of strength training moves done with free weights. Other machines are specialized for exercises that can be difficult to do with free weights, such as leg presses, hack squats and lat pulls. 

Cardio Equipment

Cardio equipment provides a safe, all-weather option for exercisers to improve their cardio fitness. Show Me Weights Carries all of the most popular types of cardio equipment:

  • Treadmills
  • Exercise bikes
  • Rowing machines
  • Steppers and climbers
  • Ellipticals
  • Vibration machines

Cardio machines are large, heavy, come with delicate electronics and must be assembled correctly to avoid injuries or damage to the equipment. The fitness equipment assemblers at Show Me Weights can save you headaches, and protect your investment and your safety by performing a professional installation of your cardio equipment.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes come in three main types. Spin bikes are equipped with a heavy flywheel that requires more effort to turn than traditional exercise bikes. This makes spin bikes a good choice for experienced exercisers who do high-intensity workouts. Spin bikes are engineered to replicate the experience of racing a road bike. Riders sit in a forward-leaning position. Spin bikes have more adjustment options than traditional exercise bikes. This allows for a higher degree of customization during workouts. 

Recumbent bikes feature a larger seat with more back support than a traditional exercise bike. The user rides in a reclined position which can reduce back strain. Because the hands are free during workouts, riders can do other activities, such as reading a book or using a smartphone or tablet. Recumbent bikes are lower to the ground than other types of bikes. The lower center of gravity of the recumbent bike makes it easier for people with balance issues to ride. Recumbent bikes can be more comfortable for long riding sessions. However, it is more difficult to use these bikes for high-intensity workouts.

The upright bike is the traditional format for an exercise bike. Upright bikes place the rider in an upright position that more closely resembles riding a regular bike. Because riders can either sit or stand while pedaling, upright bikes are more versatile than recumbent bikes. Upright bikes are usually less expensive than other types and many can be folded up for easy storage.


Elliptical machines replicate walking, climbing or running without the impact on the joints that doing these activities normally has. Users can vary the intensity of their workouts by going faster or slower. Ellipticals are a popular choice among people who have joint pain or are recovering from an injury. Ellipticals primarily work the legs, but some models come with handles that provide a workout for the upper body. 


Treadmills replicate walking, running or climbing. Most models are powered by an electric motor, though manual options are available. Treadmills are popular because walking is a low-impact exercise that does not require a great deal of balance or coordination, making it a workout that many beginning exercisers can do. Intensity can be varied by increasing the speed and raising or lowering the incline. Some models include video screens and preprogrammed workouts that replicate walking outdoors, complete with automatic adjustments to speed and incline. Treadmills allow users to enjoy the benefits of walking or running no matter what the weather conditions are. They are also lower impact than walking outside and may be safer for users who live in areas with a lot of traffic or other hazards. Programmable treadmills allow you to fine-tune your workout. 

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines simulate the motions used to row a boat. These machines can be used as a specialty machine to train actual rowing skills or as a generalized fitness machine. When done correctly, rowing utilizes most of the muscles in the body, making rowing an excellent full-body workout. Rowing machines are also used for the sport of indoor rowing. Rowing machines are a popular choice for high-intensity exercisers. However, the learning curve can be a bit steeper than other machines because the motion is more complicated.

Vibration Machines

Vibration machines utilize vibrating plates to improve muscle strength, increase flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, enhance blood flow, aid weight loss and reduce back pain. The machines work by forcing the muscles of the body to rapidly contract and relax. Some research indicates that these machines may also be useful for improving balance and reducing bone loss in older adults. Vibration machines are relatively new and research into their effectiveness is ongoing. If you are interested in the potential health benefits, consult with your doctor before trying this workout.


A poorly organized gym can result in trip and fall injuries and make it difficult for users to get an efficient workout. Show Me Weights offers a variety of storage solutions:

  • Dumbell racks
  • Kettlebell racks
  • Plate storage
  • Bar storage
  • Ball storage
  • Other storage

Show Me Weights can help you custom design storage solutions for your commercial gym or deliver and assemble storage products for your home gym.


Free weights and machines can be rough on your flooring. Dents, scratches and scrapes can happen easily without protection. Additionally, hard or slick floors can be uncomfortable or contribute to accidents. Installing rolled rubber flooring provides a cushioned, comfortable workout surface and protects your floors. If you prefer a more temporary solution, you can purchase mats to place under and around your equipment.

Custom Equipment

If you want to provide users with a premium experience, Show Me Weights offers a variety of custom equipment for local fitness enthusiasts and commercial gyms. These machines are custom designed to fit your specifications.

Show Me Weights Installation Services

Whether you want to design a custom commercial gym from start to finish or get a few pieces of equipment installed in your home gym, Show Me Weights can help. Choose from our wide variety of new, used, clearance and custom equipment. Our professional installers will deliver and set up most products so that you can have peace of mind that your equipment will function safely and reliably. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.