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Moving on a Budget: How To Set Up Your New Home Gym Without Breaking the Bank

They say that moving is one of the more stressful life events people encounter over the years. This comes as no surprise given the amount of time, money, and preparation it takes simply to transport all your things from one point to another. For a number of reasons, moving fitness equipment can be especially difficult. Even so, many people may not wish to sell pricier items at a loss or miss days of training while searching for new gear. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make fitness equipment moving St. Charles MO more efficient and affordable.

Pinpoint Specific Challenges

As you develop a strategy to move your gym, it's important to carefully think through your unique circumstances to identify potential problems you may encounter. For instance, do you own particularly heavy items, such as an elliptical or weight machine? If so, it may be nearly impossible to transport this equipment on your own. This situation may call for the help of a professional mover. 

Another issue you may come across relates to space. If you are using a moving truck or storage container to haul your things, be sure to estimate how many of your things will fit inside it. In cases where the truck or container cannot hold your larger pieces of equipment, you may wish to either leave these items behind or ship them separately. Additionally, make sure to consider your budget. If you have a tight spending limit, it may be prudent to sell a few of the pieces that will be the most expensive to move.

Evaluate Your New Space

Before making any final decisions about which types of equipment you will or will not bring with you to your new home, be sure to compare your current and future workout spaces. Namely, will you have more or less square footage to dedicate to a home gym in your next location? If your exercise room will be smaller, it may be a good idea to eliminate a few items from your collection. 

The type of community you live in may also impact the way you set up your exercise space. For instance, if you are moving to an apartment building, you may wish to reconsider bringing noisier equipment along with you.  Additionally, be sure to consider what opportunities you may have to exercise outside. If your neighborhood is friendly to bikers, stationary bikes may not be a necessity.

Thin Out Your Equipment Collection

Because moving workout equipment can be strenuous and pricey, it's often a good idea to sell or donate things you no longer need. If you expect to encounter space contraints in your moving truck or future exercise room, you may wish to reduce the number of bulky pieces you plan to bring. Additionally, consider whether any of your equipment shows signs of wear or requires repairs. It may be more cost-effective to replace this gear once you arrive in your new location than to bring it along. Finally, even smaller items like hand weights, medicine balls, and resistance bands can take up a lot of space when added together. You may wish to get rid of pieces that have duplicates or that you rarely use.

Search for Good Deals

Once you have settled in to your new home, you may wish to supplement the workout equipment you brought with you. To avoid exceeding your budget, be sure to look around for the best bargains. For example, you can frequently find good-quality used gear on sites that people use to sell various categories of possessions. Simply look up different kinds of equipment and see what you find.

It may also be possible to buy previously owned items from community gyms when they update their inventory. If you prefer purchasing new equipment, try checking out the clearance sections within fitness and sports equipment stores. While this may seem to be a large investment initially, you will likely save money over time by eliminating expenses such as monthly gym memberships.

Design an Effective Home Gym

While the ideal combination of fitness gear may vary greatly from person to person, there are a few characteristics that all good workout spaces have in common. First, the environment should be conducive to a focused, productive exercise routine. This means that the dedicated fitness room ideally would be set apart from areas where you sleep, work, or play.

On the other hand, stimulation such as music and natural light can be strong motivators. Try to work out near a window and install a good-quality stereo. Full-length mirrors are also useful when it comes to improving your form when lifting weights or doing other exercises. Many people even choose to install rubber mat flooring or similar materials to create a workout surfaces that your shoes can grip and that is easy to clean.

Importantly, a quality home gym does not have be huge. As long as you can comfortably stretch out and complete your exercises without feeling cramped or bumping into a wall, your space may be sufficient. Similarly, you don't need to purchase every type of equipment to get a good workout. The most important thing is that you have access to gear you actually enjoy using and that you can operate without sustaining injuries. Additionally, aim to complete a diverse range of exercises so that you work all muscle groups. Both cardio and strength training are advantageous, so be sure to not do one to the exclusion of the other.

Invest in Space-Saving Gear

If you need to make the most of a relatively small space, you may wish to invest in various storage solutions. For example, you could mount hooks and racks on walls to hang resistance bands, ankle weights, and other small items. Floor racks often work well for storing heavier pieces, such as dumbbells, bars, and medicine balls. A cubby system may be a great way to organize other necessities, including shoes, cleaning equipment, and yoga mats.

Additionally, be sure to invest in equipment that has multiple uses when you can. Cardio machines with adjustable inclines and multi-purpose weight machines, for instance, allow you to vary your workout routine without having to buy more gear. Remember, staying organized may not only help you focus while exercising, but it could also prevent serious injuries due to tripping.

Find Creative Ways To Workout While Moving

It may be difficult to carry out your exercise routine as normal while you're in the midst of relocating, but that doesn't mean you cannot keep yourself moving in other ways. For many, the very task of moving boxes and furniture may be a sufficient workout in and of itself. For others, it may be a good idea to keep a few small pieces of equipment in your car so they are easy to access. Consider stowing your yoga mat, hand weights, and tennis shoes in the trunk of your car so you can do a spur of the moment exercise when time allows.

If your move involves driving a great distance, consider stopping every couple of hours to take a brisk walk. This may not only help you progress towards your fitness goals, but it may also prevent you from becoming tired while behind the wheel.

Choose the Right Moving Service

There are a number of reasons you may choose to hire equipment movers when it comes time to leave your current home. For one, your gear may be too large or too heavy to transport it yourself. Additionally, companies that offer moving services may be able to pack elliptical machines and similar items in a way that prevents them from being damaged. 

If you do decide to partner with professionals to move your gym, it's important to search for ones you can trust. Before making your final selection, consider comparing the moving costs of a few different companies. Many of these services are more than willing to provide a free estimate, so it shouldn't be difficult to quickly make these comparisons.

Additionally, be sure to understand all the details regarding the moving process. For instance, ask the moving company when you can expect to take delivery of your equipment. You may also wish to inquire about any relevant insurance policies to ensure your gear is covered in case it were damaged.

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