Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower 2.0


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Add hundreds of exercises to your arsenal with the
versatile and space-efficient Plate Loaded Cable Tower.


Can’t picture yourself doing ONLY barbell exercises for the rest of your life?
Before you give it up and settle for a life of mediocre fitness, you gotta check out this unit.

With just one Plate Loaded Cable Tower, you can weave in hundreds of cable machine exercises into your fitness routine and easily switch from one to another.

Benefits of the Plate Loaded Cable Tower

    With its plate loadable sleeves, 33 height settings for the pulleys (or rack attachments) and fitting in a footprint less than 2.5′ x 2.5′, the Plate Loaded Cable Tower is the multi-tool of gym machines. From heavy pulldowns and rows to glute kickbacks to biceps curls, it will add HUNDREDS of exercises to your toolbox. And like Owen Wilson, you’ll be saying “Wow.” with every rep.
    Typically, home gyms are at the mercy of lacking machines. And it’s no surprise when even a budget functional trainer can cost up to $2,000. The Plate Loaded Cable Tower breaks the mold as an affordable and space-efficient cable machine. But if you’d prefer the speed and ease of a selectorized/weight stack tower, then the Cable Tower with Weight Stack might be a better option.
    Ready for us to knock your socks off? Good, cause the guide rod upright that the handles slide on matches the dimensions of our Original power rack line, so you can mount those Bells of Steel rack attachments directly onto it — talk about AMAZING! Pump up your chest with the Y-Dip in between your cable exercises, or mount a belt squat rack attachment to fry your quads. Set your rack attachments high or low, to the front or the sides… the only limit here is your creativity.
    The universal mounting bracket (included) is all you need if mounting to a wall stud or power rack uprights. But when bolting to your floor/platform, the optional rear upright helps stabilize the tower and offers extra storage for small items. If joining to your rack using crossmembers like on the Hydra Batwing, you’ll need a 72-inch upright on the back instead of the stock Cable Tower rear upright.

Specs Per Tower

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 85lbs/38.6kg
Length (Depth) 28"/713mm
Width 28.5"/724mm
Height 81.2"/2,063mm
Tubing Dimensions 2.3" x 2.3"
Tubing Hole Size 5/8"
Pull Ratio 2:1 Without Adapter
  1:1 With Adapter
Pulley Material Nylon
Machine Material Steel
Machine Type Plate-Loaded Sleeves
Max Cable Capacity 250lbs
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT : Due to their small footprint and tall height, the Plate Loaded Cable Towers MUST be bolted down to ensure the user and equipment’s safety. Mounting hardware is not included — we recommend Tapcon+ screws.

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