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SKU: RB rubber flooring

RB Rubber- Rubber Rolled Flooring 3/8" - 4' X 25'

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Ultimate RB

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RB Rubber- Rubber Rolled Flooring 3/8" - 4' X 25' (100 Sq Ft Rolls)


Infinite design & color options

Ultimate RB’s rolled rubber is manufactured via a process called “skiving”. In the first stage of this process the ingredients, including tire crumb, are molded into a large cylindrical form. Then this cylinder is skived (i.e. peeled) into rolls of various dimensions on a very precise, computer controlled cutting system. By changing the quantity and variety of materials used in molding the cylinders we can create rolls with different appearances and physical characteristics.

Endless applications & uses


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to Clean
  • American Made
  • Custom Color
  • And More >

Among the most common applications for rolls is Ultimate Rolled Rubber Flooring, which is used in fitness centers and health clubs in the athletic market. The same material is also used as flooring in the commercial market in schools and healthcare facilities. Rolls are used in the equine market to provide cushioning in animal trailers, and they are employed in the canine market for dog agility courses and pet daycare facilities. The transportation industry also uses rolled rubber as an anti-skid cargo containment surfacing. Finally, lower density rolls are used as underlayment to reduce noise transmission through the floor in multi-story buildings and as a basemat in Pad & Pour indoor sports surfacing systems.


While these are the most common applications for rubber rolls, the number of potential applications for this versatile material, as shown in the list above, is virtually endless. All of our Rolled Rubber products contain at least 90% recycled material. They are all made in the USA and they are all covered by our industry leading Limited Warranties.

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