Pit Shark Short Frame Belt Squat Premium Package to Include: Belt w/ Speed Hook, Squat Handles, Power Deck with Anti-Skid Surface, Weight Storage Horns (Zinc-Plated) and Stainless Steel Pit Shark Logo Plate

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Pit Shark

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The PIT SHARK™ is an incredible Strength and Mass builder used to train “Old School” Movements safely and efficiently.

It's Commercial Grade and is ideal for large groups or an entire squad of Athletes.  Everything old is new again when it comes to the advanced design of the PIT SHARK™.  Fully adjustable handles allow excercises to be done off the floor, on the foot pads, or on an optional Close Stance platform.  Use with Body-Weight or hook up to the PIT SHARK™ for as heavy as you like Weight-Loaded movements with the fast, easy Speedhook Belt (included). The PIT SHARK™ removes the time-wasting Set-Up required and improves the safety of doing Body-Weight and Weight-Loaded Squats, Chins, Dips, and Calves.

Available in two frame sizes: Short and Tall.  The tall version is available with two different handles sizes: Standard 1.5" and Fat 2" diameter handles.

Each Pit Shark is made to order.  Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery.

These are the standard options for each unit:

Pit Shark Features


  • Short Frame: 60 (h) X 62 (w) X 66" (l)
  • Tall Frame: 94 (h) X 62 (w) X 66" (l)

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