The Duffalo Bar with Chain/Band Attachments-USED


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 The Duffalo Bar was our first barbell, and the industry’s first design-engineered specialty barbell at a time when non-standard barbells were fabbed up in chop-shops or garages by hardcore lifters. The brain-child of one of the strongest men in the world and Kabuki co-founder Chris Duffin, the Duffalo Bar is purpose-built to make squatting and pressing safer, easier-to-learn, and more effective for a range of populations from beginners to professional athletes.

For the Squat:Our proprietary bends allow for improved scapular retraction and reduces stress on the easily-irritated biceps tendon in the shoulder, while eliminating the counter-productive center peak on similar bars. Reducing this direct strain on the bicep tendon and allowing increased back rigidity + proper joint centration via scapular retraction is incredibly important for strength and injury prevention. Additionally, our bar can improve your ability to generate core stability due to the reduced mobility demands of the shoulders allowing you to avoid excessive spinal extension and maintain neutrality in a back squat rack position . Many athletes and lifters report immediate improvements in their ability to brace and maintain spine neutrality. 

The proprietary multi-radius bend of the Duffalo Bar means it can sit on your back in an extremely comfortable and stable manner. Think about it…the back is not flat, it has contours and is round. The extreme, externally-rotated position required by a straight-bar back squat frequently causes chronic or acute shoulder impingement and bicep issues for a large number of lifters, especially the heavyweights! Save your shoulders, use the Duffalo Bar.

For the Press:The Duffalo Bar’s proprietary bends optimize the wrist angle when held in the pressing position. This positioning cues proper joint centration in the shoulder, while also improving both lat and scapular engagement. Despite the increased ROM of the press, users report significantly reduced or completely eliminated shoulder pain while gaining an increased training effect from the additional range of motion. These improvements groove correct pressing patterns, automatically ensuring the proper engrams are programmed.  

For Bench:

  • Makes the Bench Press Comfortable, Fun, and Easy to Learn
  • Proprietary Angle Enables Improved and Safer Pressing Position
  • Increased Range of Motion for Better Results in Strength, Hypertrophy, and Transfer to Sports

For Squat:

  • Reduced Pain on the Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulders via Optimal Positioning
  • Improved Squat Mechanics Through Better Bracing & Positioning
  • Contoured Design Reduces Barbell Falling Off in Back & Front Squats

  • Brand:Kabuki Strength
  • Manufactured:Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Bar Weight:55lbs
  • Bar Diameter:31.75mm (1.25")
  • Length:95" Total Bar
  • Sleeve Length:17.25" Loadable Area
  • Finish/Plating:Zinc, Black Oxide, Nickel
  • Knurl:Sharp
  • Steel Type:Proprietary Chrome-Alloy
  • Hardware:Oil-Impregnated Bronze Bushing
  • Load Capacity:1500lbs
  • End Cap:Stamped, Stainless Steel

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